Pat Garvey has worked in the apparel business for over 45 years holding positions as VP of Sales, Marketing and Merchandising for Levi Strauss, Pacific Trail, Osh Kosh B’ Gosh and VF Playwear.
Prior to B.I. Spatial Pat managed VF Services analytics group as Senior Director of Direct to Consumer Analytics. In this capacity he led initiatives in assortment planning, customer segmentation, retail site selection and customer relationship managment across VF’s portfolio of brands.



Jacob Moncla is a data analyst with B. I. Spatial and has been an Alteryx user since 2014. He became a certified user through Alteryx’s Partner program in 2015 and currently provides Alteryx demonstrations and training.


B. I. Spatial was founded by Andy Moncla, a 25 year veteran. Andy has been using Alteryx software solutions since 2004 when he brought Alteryx to VF Corporation. He has been recognized with 4 Alteryx awards, including being recognized as an Alteryx “ACE”.

“The ACE program highlights a few of the most influential, supportive experts of Alteryx Analytics and recognizes them for the meaningful impact they are making, not just inside of their organizations – but across the analytics community. Their expertise and advice help to empower data analysts to deliver greater business insights to their organizations with data blending and advanced analytics.”

When you need to ensure success, bring in an ACE.

Check out Andy’s blog here for all things spatial.

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