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“Aim Small, Miss Small”

In the movie “The Patriot” Benjamin Martin tells his sons “Aim small, miss small.”  I have found this advice very apropos to analytics.  With all the excitement surrounding the use of mobile device location data, I thought I would devote this blog to aiming small. UberMedia, Directory of Major Malls and B.I. Spatial Announce Strategic […]

Trade Area Troubles – Part 2

Trade Area Troubles – Part 2 Recap In my last blog, I wrote about using customer data, as depicted in the image below.                   I Have a Confession The “customer” data isn’t actually from a loyalty program, credit card data or a traditional customer intercept study.  Rather, […]

Trade Area Troubles?

  What’s a Trade Area? According to Webster a trade area is “a geographic area within which a business enterprise or center of retail or wholesale distribution draws most of its business.”  With many retailers “most” is 70%, which equates to a primary trade area.  A secondary trade area is typically 90%. Trade Area Techniques:  […]